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Posted on April 24, 2014 by Lori Wischmann

With prom season coming to an end and wedding season quickly approaching, everyone wants to know the hottest trends. Every bride-to-be wants to look beautiful on their wedding day, and the up style they choose can finish the look they are trying to capture. Here at Xenon I felt very prepared for prom season and will be prepared for anything that comes my way in the future. The instructors are very good at helping us break down the design and showing different ways besides curing that can be used. The new style is quite simple, just a lot of curling, pinning, little backcombing, and braiding. Start out with loose curls all over. You can take small or medium sections depending on how much hair they have or how long it is. I like to use a firm hold heat activating spray on the hair before I start curling. Be sure you are sectioning the hair to help keep the curls in tact. After you get done with each section I like to spray with a medium hold hairspray to help keep their shape before I start pinning them up. Next I like to do some minimal backcombing. I use the same medium hold hair spray and spray the base of the hair at the crown and backcomb a little bit taking small sections and working my way down the back of the head. After that is all done I like to put in any kind of braid your client desires, whether it be a simple French braid or something unique like a fishtail braid. I like to put the braid on the side of their hair where there is the most of it depending on their part. Last but not least I like to pin the curls up into a loose bun either in the back or off to the side. Finish it off with a heavy hold hair spray and she is ready to go! This look is very classic and trendy.

~Amanda C-Xenon Academy Kansas City

Hair by Amanda C.

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