Posted on September 10, 2013 by Susan Peel

It’s back to school time!!  This year I’ve seen lots of color, with bright “peek-a-boo’s” of every color; lime green, hot pink, purple, blue, you name it.  Ombre is another request I’m seeing, the lived in look is in the dark colors at the base, cascading into light sun kissed blonde ends, or even blonde on top fading into bright fun colors on the ends.  All this makes me think about how I was preparing for “back to school.”  What comes to mind isn’t highlights and lowlights but giant cans of Rave hairspray, poofy bangs, side pony tails, french braids and topsy tails.  My look was never complete without a giant bow, bubble hair ties (you know, the ones with a colorful plastic ball on either end) or some sort of clippie.  Things really have come a long way from the poofy bangs to all the bright fashion colors.

Angie H-Senior Xenon Omaha

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