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The front desk is the epicenter of randomness, Julia was born and raised in Mexico and English is her second language. Like most Americans, I took a little bit of Spanish in high school but not enough to have a conversation. I can ask “Where is the bathroom?” and say “Juan is in the library.” If I get stranded inMexico, I’m in trouble. The other day, my boyfriend was told by a co-worker from Mexico, “Su bigote es muy guapo” which translates to “Your moustache is very handsome.” I love Julia like a sister and I really enjoy teasing her. So I randomly said to her, “Su bigote es muy guapo.” A flicker of confusion crossed her face but then she rubbed her upper lip and said, “Thank you.”  

 Julia also likes to hum the Jaws theme while tracking down students. I keep having to remind her that students are friends, not food.

 Christy is our bubbly, blonde, full of sunshine gal. She’s always ready with a smile and she sounds like a flight attendant over the intercom. Instead of hearing, “Patrick, your guest has arrived,” you almost expect to hear “Thank you for flying Sunshine and Rainbows Airlines. Please be sure to pet a unicorn on your way to the cotton candy terminal.”

 The most random call I’ve ever gotten really caught me off guard:

Me: How may I direct your call?

Caller: You don’t need to direct it. You can answer my question. How do you spell cowlick?Me: What?

Caller: How do you spell cowlick? You know, like that patch of hair that sticks up on your head.

Me: Um, I think it’s like a cow that licks but I’ll Google it to be sure. Yeah, it’s c-o-w-l-i-c-k.

Caller: Okay, thank you. *click*

Me: Wow, please let that have been a prank call.

 We have a lot of fun up here. The next time you’re at the front desk, be sure to say something unexpected. We’ll be expecting it.

Submitted by Joy, Aurora Campus


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