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I’ve been lucky enough to experience the bi-annual Salon Centric Hair Show that comes to the Mid-America Center in a couple different ways.  My first show was as a hair model for Infrashine tool company, the second strictly as a student taking it all in and now, my third time as a set-up crew and this was by far the most interesting , yet labor intensive side yet.  Pallets of product, cash registers, table clothes come in by the truck load and all have to be sorted by manufacturer and room while another company sets up all the booths, lighting, carpeting, sound, power and water.  It all comes together in three days, which is astounding.  I personally assembled model prep rooms, made boxes for every booth so they could run credit cards and dragged furniture to their respective rooms.  The amount of work to make a show like this possible not only makes me feel lucky to be part of it, but also inspiring that there are so many facets of the Cosmetology industry.
On the second day of the show I helped with a lesser known room of the show called excess.  The main manufactures are in the exhibit hall but off in the excess area is a treasure trove I’ve never heard about.  If there’s too much product ordered the overflow goes to this room where is sells anywhere from $1-$10.  Name brand, top of the line liters and sets are extremely cheap.  It was a form of torture to unpack boxes and price the product knowing I couldn’t shop immediately after, but you bet i’ll be here on Saturday at 8 a.m. Ready to shop with my choice items already picked out.  P.S. They have nail polish and skin care as well!
When being a model for someone you usually imagine being pampered, wearing the best clothes, product and makeup, but in reality there’s a lot of down time.  Call time was 8 a.m., I arrived at 7:30 a.m., grabbed my model pass and went to find the Infrashine booth.  Makeup didn’t start until around 9 a.m. and our wardrobe consists of any black stylish items I may have in my closet.  From there we wait again.  Finally its my turn on stage, my haircut takes just 15 minutes, then I stand on stage facing the back wall for about an hour.  The nice part of being a model is, of course, getting a nice haircut, but also a front row seat to what he’s teaching.  Hearing the explanation is enlightening and when put with the visual aids it made for an interesting technique I can’t wait to try.  So is modeling glamorous, mostly no, but you meet cool people and learn cool new things.
Sunday at the show was much busier, most people were probably watching the Husker game yesterday.  Today I’m just a styling model.  After some round brushing and flat ironing I get my makeup done.  Today I’m determined to catch more classes.  I see color blocking techniques from Matrix and sharp geometric cuts from Redken.  My favorite class though was introducing Kenra color where they talked about formulating a nice color technique and finished with easy quick updos.
After the show, I feel energized and ready to try some new things I learned.  I feel better at what I do for having the whole experience.  I love hair shows and I love my job!
Virginia B.
Xenon Omaha

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