Hair Tricks for St Patrick’s Day

Posted on March 10, 2015 by Lori Wischmann

St Patrick’s inspired hair style


This St. Patrick inspired hair style reminds me of shamrocks. For a subtle look you could leave the natural brown tones. For a look that screams St. Patrick’s Day, you could do the same style on blonde hair and finish with a temporary green hairspray.

This design was done on dry hair with ½” partings taken on each side and brought together in the back to form a small pony tail and secured with a clear elastic band. The pony tail is turned inside out and then pulled into a small bow, leaving the tail remaining for the next section. This is repeated all the way down the head until there is one tail remaining. The last tail is brought under the hair and secured with a bobby pin.

This particular model chose a side swept fringe, and the sides were left loose with little tension for a more natural look. This is a beautiful casual or classy look.

Xenon Academy-Aurora, CO

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