How Long is Cosmetology School in Colorado?

Posted on March 21, 2017 by xenon

If you have considered pursuing a cosmetology license in Colorado, one of the first questions that you might have is: how long does it take to finish cosmetology school?

The short answer is 1800 clock hours* of class work and practical application.

Those 1800 hours, however, are packed full of detailed work, the hours of which are broken down into segments to help students feel prepared to sit for the state licensing exam.

How Long is Cosmetology School in Colorado

In Colorado these hours are broken down as follows:

    • Sanitation, sterilization & safety – 45 hours
    • Permanent waving & chemical relaxing – 250 hours
    • Hairstyling – wet styling, hair pressing & iron curling – 250 hours
    • Massage, skin care & makeup – 100 hours
    • Shampoo & scalp treatments – 75 hours
    • Hair tinting & bleaching – 225
    • Hair cutting – 225 hours
    • Basic manicuring and pedicuring – 75 hours
    • Application of artificial nails – 135 hours
    • Law and rules and regulations – 25 hours
    • Management, ethics, interpersonal skills & salesmanship – 25 hours
    • Occupational safety and health – 20 hours
    • Shampooing, rinsing & conditioning – 2 hours
    • Haircoloring – 8 hours
    • Haircutting – 8 hours
    • Hairstyling – 7 hours
    • Chemical texture services – 4 hours
    • Manicuring & pedicuring – 7 hours
    • Application of artificial nails – 5 hours
    • Facials & skin care – 7 hours
    • Facial makeup – 1 hour
    • Hair removal – 3 hours
    • Law, rules & regulations – 1 hours
    • Management, ethics, interpersonal skills & salesmanship – 1 hours
    • Disinfection, cleaning & safe work practices – 6 hours

According to the board of Colorado State Cosmetology and Barbering Licensure at least 75% of the credit hours shall be obtained by clinical instruction. The remaining 25% may be obtained by theory or lecture.

How Long is Cosmetology School in Colorado

That’s a lot of floor work! If you are considering cosmetology school, consider a school that fits your personality and career goals. You will be investing much more than just your finances in your future, you want the first steps on this new path to be a great adventure.

Alumni Testimonial

“The education I have received at Xenon has given me the foundation on which I will build the rest of my career. The tools and resources needed to be successful are offered to each student, but it is up to the individual to utilize them to the best of their ability. While I am confident in my abilities as a cosmetologist, I realize there are so many opportunities for growth. Learning from more experienced stylists is something I eagerly look forward to because it means I have a chance to expand my knowledge.

Xenon has provided an excellent education, unmatched by any other school. I have learned a great deal from the amazing team of educators. Their talent and passion inspired me to work hard and to achieve the skills required to be successful in this ever-changing industry. In order to complete anything to the highest degree possible it is vital that a person has motivation, passion, and enthusiasm. All of which are instilled in me.

I am so grateful for everything I have learned at Xenon and I am also grateful for the possibility I have to continue learning. This is just the beginning. The skill set I have acquired, combined with my unchained passion, creates the perfect formula to thrive!”

Carolyn A.
Aurora Campus, Xenon Academy Alumni

Invest In Yourself

We’re proud to be a part of Carolyn’s journey along with our many alumni. To learn more about our cosmetology program, check out our courses page.

*Hours are subject to change based on year attending and current regulations. You’ll want to check with your chosen school and with current state standards to make sure that the above information is accurate. Reach out to our admissions office to learn more about current regulations and what the hour requirements might be in your state.

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