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Posted on June 13, 2012 by Localhero

Day 1

Once we landed Sunday afternoon we all took the afternoon to explore the city. New York City is definitely a faster paced city than Omaha. There are people everywhere and it was amazing how on the same street it could go from China Town to Little Italy to everyday street vendors. It was slightly overwhelming. The fashion around Canal St. was crazy. You could find people in workout gear and totally dressed up. I noticed a lot of men’s haircuts were disconnected or tapered in the back. Most women were wearing their hair in buns or some variation of a top knot. Everything is bold, lots of corals, yellows and robin shell blues. Not really sure I can handle being around all these people.

Day 2

We went to L’Oreal Research and Development Facilities. I had no idea L’Oreal also owned Matrix, Redken, Ralph Lauren, Polo fragrance, Mizani, Garnier, Mabelline and Pureology. It was amazing to see where they develop and come up with new products for each line. They have two sites in New York, one in Washington and one in Ohio, as well as multiple places in Paris, London, Japan and several other countries. It was so interesting to see how they test hair color. After making it they dye hair strands and test them under several washings, all sorts of lighting conditions and for grey coverage.

When we left there we went to the 9-11 Memorial. It was a surreal moment for me. I was prior military and I know what its like to be surrounded by huge devastation and to see how a city came together to rebuild and honor those who’s lives were taken was very humbling.

Once we left the memorial we did trend spotting around Soho. Jay and Joseph are all about a lived-in feel, things that look natural. They liked a lot of stores brought in from Europe.

Around 5 p.m. we made our way back to Dop Dop Salon. We met Charlie Wein who is a genius at film. We also learned in most salons after school you become an assistant for 1-5 years before you can work on clients by yourself. We also learned most salons are departmentalized, meaning you only cut, color or style, in major cities that is. Jay is a master Balayage artist, she showed us her technique and how you can modify an ombre effect. According to the East Coast full on ombre is out, less is more and natural is in. Joseph showed how to do a sleek ponytail. He also showed different ways to do a updo with a fishtail and 3 strand braid.

Day 3

We met at L’Oreal’s Soho Academy for breakfast, then we traveled to the Ted Gibson Salon. Ted was still in Florida. I wasn’t too impressed by his salon. The master cutter and colorist were both working at the same time and didn’t really talk about what they were doing. Jason was talking the entire time and it was very distracting. The master colorist brushed up the shaft of the hair strand, did no sectioning at all and just worked messy. The master cutter missed a section of hair and when he pulled his graduation out it was not a planned uncut section but he left it. They kept saying they’re a brand and you need to brand yourself, I get that but they just seemed unprepared for us. They also seemed to care for more uppity type women. I’m to vintage for 5th Avenue I think.

After that we ate at Shake Shack. The food was delicious. Then we split into groups, I went with Jay to Brooklyn (Williamsburg), an area she lives in. She showed us several salons high and low end in the area. We saw the salon Hello Beautiful, they were pretty reasonably priced and Lady Gaga gets her nails done there. The owner was one of the first women to own a salon in that area. Most of her stylists have been with her 7-14 years which is unheard of in New York. Williamsburg was more my vibe, it has a very vintage, trendy feel to it and a lot less people on the streets.

After dinner Joe showed us a disconnected men’s haircut. He uses a straight blade to do all his texturizing, he gave us a tip to keep the last 1-2 teeth on clippers around the top perimeter to keep from cutting into the top. He also uses his fingers at the guard if he uses shears to cut the bottom below the horseshoe. He showed directional cutting to move the hair around the head since a lot of men are wearing their hair longer and swept back. Jay then showed us more Balayage. She did 1” partings from 3 of 4 sections, she staggered her placement. She did a V-type brush stroke working down the strand and used her board on the ends so they got fully exposed to product. They were both so inspiring. I want to be a platform artist. I love travel, gaining education and sharing that with others. They’re doing exactly what I want to be doing. I may be moving to New York when I get out of school. They both seemed so passionate about what they do and want to teach all they can. I hope I’m able to do what they do one day. This trip was incredible!

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