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Julie has been an educator with Xenon for 2 years.  She’s also a Xenon Alumni who graduated in 2003.  “I love my job here at Xenon because I get to help new students every 11 weeks on their new career path.  It’s wonderful to see how each student grows and see the potential they have,” Julie says about her opportunity to be the first to work with students.



 Tamera has been with Xenon for 5 ½ years.  She’s American Crew Certified.    Tamera’s thoughts on being an Educator at Xenon, “I enjoy inspiring young adults that they can do anything, being a mentor and being there for them, helping push them through the hard times.”



Tiffany has been with Xenon for 15 years.  She’s a Master Educator, ITEC Certified and American Crew Certified.  “The school atmosphere is always new, always fresh, always learning!  I enjoy being a positive role model while educating our students in something they’re passionate about,” says Tiffany.

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