Most Important Thing Learned In Basics Class

Posted on July 14, 2014 by Lori Wischmann

Here you go!  Your finally starting school at Xenon Academy to follow your dreams or your passion on doing hair and becoming a Cosmetologist.   You don’t know what to expect.  You see your stylist do your hair and they make it look so easy!  You’ve done your friends and family’s hair and everyone loves what you do but now you’re sitting in a classroom taking notes, studying for tests and trying to do a finger wave on this manikin head and you’re ready to pull your hair out.   Basics class is a very exciting yet stressful time in school.   Your first 11 weeks are filled with learning new information along with skills practiced on your manikin head and anyone willing to be your model for your first haircut, color, perm, facial and manicure & pedicure.

So for me seeing a brand new class every 11 weeks at Xenon Academy, I feel the most important thing that everyone learns in Basics class is that there is a lot to learn and it’s not as easy as it looks.   I remind them to look back on their very first day and could you do all the stuff that you can do now?  Look how far you have come in just 11 short weeks.  These are the building blocks of their career and they will just continue to build and improve as well as grow into being a great Cosmetologist.

Julie Lee

Basic Manager

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