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Erin F. says;

“New York is the center of everything fashion in theUnited States. NYC has the benefit of getting all the latest trends in hair, makeup and clothes that come from Europe. My experience in NYC was positive and extremely motivational. The first day we were there we all experienced some of the sites. My group and I went to Central Park andTimes Squareto explore the city. For me, however, the true connection was made when we met Joseph “Joe” DiMaggio and Jessica “Jay” Vosper.

The first day with Joe and Jay was super packed with information about the city and the sites. We walked as they pointed out local art, shops, and eateries. We also went to the 9-11 Memorial, which in and of itself was moving. I didn’t think I was going to be that affected by it, but once I saw it, I had goose bumps. Later that night, we all met up at Dop Dop Salon and took a class with Joe and Jay. Jay taught us all about color and techniques such as the Balayage technique and the Ombre technique. Joe on the other hand, was all about the hair styling and hair sculpting techniques. The things they taught and introduced blew my mind. It made me hungry for more knowledge and confirmed my choice on going into Cosmetology.

The second day we all visited the L’Oreal Professional Academy Research and Innovation Labs. I learned a lot and I was never afraid to ask questions. We toured the product and color labs where they test the products and make them as well.

The third day we all split into groups to explore the city or go shopping. I went with Jay to Brooklyn. She brought us to boutiques and gave us a mini tour of the city of Williamsburg, Brooklyn which is where she lives. Later that night, we had class at the L’Oreal Academy in SoHo. Joe and Jay were so inspiring once again. They influenced and encouraged me to pursue my dreams and even move toNew York City. Everyone we met had positive energy about them. A part of that had to do with the fact that they love what they do. “If you love what you do for a living, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

In conclusion, the experience was humbling and opened my eyes to new adventures and rekindled my fire and passion to be successful. I learned to always push myself further and keep practicing my art.”

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