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Posted on April 8, 2016 by Susan Peel

For nearly 30 years, Xenon Academy has been dedicated to holding the highest standard in beauty education.

Our commitment to excellence, is actually a commitment to the students who we educate and the clients we service; a commitment to provide nothing but the best service, products, resources and experience.

In order to do that, we have partnered with brands and agencies who are also dedicated to raising the standard of beauty education.

Quality is the key ingredient at Xenon Academy, being an official Pivot Point partner school ensures that our students receive the beat business and entrepreneurship training that was designed with their careers in min.

What else makes Xenon Academy extraordinary?  We have partnered with Sam Villa to guarantee that our students are using the most “stylist-friendly” and high quality tools available to them.

About Sam Villa

Sam Villa is a world-renowned artist, originally from New Mexico.

Villa is a fierce advocate for education and for helping students along their educational and professional journeys.

Villa knew from a very young age that he also had a love for fashion and beauty, fast forward and it’s clear that those passions work well with one another. Today, the Sam Villa brand, Allvus LLC is focused strongly on providing stylists and beauty professionals everywhere with the “most valuable educational tools possible; and the highest possible quality styling tools available”.

Sam Villa believes that the foundation for a good stylist is in part the tools that they use, but also the way that they are taught to use them.

Villa has also said that he is “a stylist making tools for other stylists for the right reasons” meaning that his goal in making these products available isn’t profit rather proper education.  

About the Kit


Each tool is designed with the stylist in mind, the ergonomic design of each of the tools makes them comfortable and natural feeling.

The heat styling tools in the Sam Villa line are also unique, as they don’t reach the max temperatures that many styling tools do; Villa’s styling approach is all about maximizing effectiveness and minimizing damage.

A key component of heat styling is avoiding damage to the hair, and when styling very broken or color treated hair that can be difficult.

This line of heat styling tools regulate heat to increase the life of the styling tools. Timers and sensors will power the irons off if they sit at temperature without being picked up; and because the tools won’t be sitting at several hundred degrees for hours on end they will last much longer.Xenon-Academy-cosmetology-esthetics-school-kansas-colorado-denver-grand-island

The other revolutionary design feature of these tools is the ergonomic designed mentioned earlier; Xenon Academy loves that our students can learn in a way that allows for a controlled motion and technique. Check out some of the free Sam Villa tutorials here.

See ALL that Xenon Academy has to offer, schedule a campus visit and speak with an admissions representative about our programs today.

Xenon Academy, committed to excellence-committed to you!

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