Posted on August 21, 2012 by Susan Peel

Opening a salon can be scary and exciting at the same time.
There are many, many important factors to consider.
First, create a budget.  Decide what type of salon you plan on opening.  What culture, what size, will you pay commission or rent out stylist stations.  Ask a professional for help in this endeavor.

Hire a well known contractor, with a good reputation, that has experience building salons. The MOST important decision is location.  You may have the most beautiful salon, however a poor location could make building the type of salon youve envisioned impossible.  Is your parking lot easily accessible to the street, is there adequate parking.  Read over your lease carefully.  It is a good idea to have an attorney look it over before you sign anything. 

Choose your salon equipment, lines of color, hair care products, relaxers etc.  How much money do you as owner need to bring in to cover expenses in the salon, and how much do you pay yourself in order to live.  Will you only hire hair stylists with a healthy following to ensure success?  If so, how do you find these stylists and if you are planning on hiring a recent graduate make a plan on how to make them busy quickly. Be fully staffed before you open.

Once the above critical list has been checked off, youre ready to roll! Book your first week solid.  People want to go where there is activity.  Advertise your grand opening.  Have business cards and menus printed and ready to go!  Create excitement in your community about the new salon.  You want to discount, however, not to deep or clients won’t return.
Have fun!!! The Beauty Industry is one of the BEST!!!

Mechelle C.- Director Xenon Omaha Campus

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