Posted on May 16, 2013 by Susan Peel

 When our students were asked what their favorite product was the answer was Hands Down 12 Benefits. Rarely does a client leave the salon without one of these products in their hair. Our clients fall in love with the instant results they get from it and purchase it on the spot. The ones who don’t purchase 12 Benefits at the time of their service often return within a day or two to buy the product that made their hair feel and look amazing. 12 Benefits comes in three forms.  Here is what these products do. Stop by and pick some up and see why our students see this as a “must have” product.

Instant healthy hair treatment spray, this amazing product does the following,

Seals color

Smoothes Frizz

Repairs Damage

Prevents split ends

Moisturizes dry hair

Strengthens fragile hair

Prevents flat iron damage

Protects from chlorine

Protects from wind and sun damage

Adds shine

Protects from blow drying

Improves texture and manageability

Pink addiction cream

Replenishes Keratin


Protects and nourishes with Moroccan oil

Intensifies shine

Eliminates unruliness

Restores hair’s health

Has anti-aging properties

Rapid blowout argon oil blow dry spray

Shortens blow out time

Reduces stress on hair from brushing

Prevents blow dryer dry out

Provides shine

Moisturizes hair and controls frizz

Flat iron sealer

Prevents static

Gives discipline to curly or unruly hair

Adds softness and silky feel

Contains anti age formula

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