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What’s hot for winter

Rebecca Dills-XenonAurora

As winter quickly approaches our wardrobes’ change and so does our hair. Traditionally we turn our guests to darker warm tones and say goodbye to the sunny locks that mimic warmer weather. But no need to fear; don’t ditch those blondes yet! This winter is full of warm blondes that laugh in the face of that winter chill.  All over the runways we are seeing blondes with a punch of red. Think apricot and strawberry mixed with dazzling honey colors. These shades can be accomplished with many toners after pre-lightning. It’s an easy way to change your die-hard blondes into something fashion forward for the new season. Looking for new sculptures to compliment these trendy locks? Insiders are trending a comeback for sixty’s retro inspired looks. Think uber geometrical bobs, sharp lines, and go-go dancer styled do’s. So what’s the 411 for the winter? Have a little fun in the snow (and with your blondes)… anything goes!

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Blondes for the winter, I like that. Sometimes everyone going darker for the winter is no fun!