Posted on August 14, 2012 by Susan Peel

Retail….just saying it; sends shivers up many stylist’s spines. But the thought of it does not have to invoke fear in the shy, instead it should motivate and inspire. This past weekend we had an average day, nothing out of the ordinary; except one thing….
A goal. In Quest Group I gave the students a challenge, to make 10% retail to sales their goal for a two week period. For all those who met that goal I’d have a special surprise. This seemed to spark a little fire, but this weekend a wild fire began as I set a dollar amount goal for them; $200 total for the day. After a few products were sold we could not stop them, the fire began and they found the confidence they needed to step off the retail shelf and into a retail bag!
Setting goals for yourself not only gives you something to work for, but also keeps you motivated. Once you’ve met your goal, give yourself a reward, and keep those goals moving! Keeping them realistic and obtainable is important; don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Always know what you are retailing, you are the “hair doctor”. Make your prescription for healthy, stylish hair and see your guests trust in you increase! Happy retailing!
By Rebecca D-Aurora Campus

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