Posted on November 6, 2012 by Susan Peel

Spooktacular is an event that no child in the 90’s could have ever dreamt about.  The location was great, what child wouldn’t want to roam around the zoo in costume as if they were a modernized Wizard of Oz.  The look of happiness was on everyone’s face from infants to grown adults.  I painted a bat on a 6 month old child….she wasn’t happy but I made the parents happy.  The kids bounced from table to table saying “trick or treat” and opening their bags with such excitement.  It looked like a circus, ranging from women on stilts to “walking squirrels.” There were even trainers playing with porcupines, yes a porcupine, just rolling it around on the floor as if it were a bowling ball.  They had a touch a feel area with snakes and owls, for me no thanks on the snakes 🙂  Bounce houses were offered, I stayed away from that, it would have been like boot camp for me.
The event was amazing, minus the 45 degree weather.  I enjoyed being there with my family and face painting as well.  It was a plus that the hot chocolate was only $1.65.  Next year I’ll definitely be attending it with my family again…just with ear muffs, scarves and mittens.

Tanya A.
Xenon Student-Omaha

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