Peels Salon Services was dedicated to offering quality products and equipment to generations of professionals in the beauty industry for 75 years. Xenon, as an internationally acclaimed guest artist and leading creator of industry techniques and products, had a desire to educate the next generation of stylists. A partnership was formed by these two industry leaders. This partnership led to the founding of Xenon International Academy.

For the last 30 years our administration has worked diligently to include the necessary tools and techniques used in salons and spas to prepare our students to be successful professionals, and to prepare them to attain the skills necessary to secure a wide range of careers in the beauty industry.

Xenon International Academy has over 7,000 graduates who have been taught by quality educators, each with real world experience. Our business partnership with multiple beauty manufacturers allows us to stay current with industry trends and continually encourage creative thinking in our curriculum.

Pivot Point member school

Xenon’s commitment to excellence can be experienced across all facets of our program, but our commitment really begins with our Pivot Point® Curriculum. For 50 years, Pivot Point® has been utilized by educators and professionals from around the world to train tomorrow’s superstars. Xenon’s Pivot Point® Curriculum continues to set the standard for educational excellence, delivering a systematic approach to build your basic skills, while leveraging the most contemporary and innovative delivery methods to help you to master the latest concepts and techniques.