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of Ethics

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At Xenon International Academy we hold ourselves to the following standards.

  1. BE ETHICAL and conduct ourselves with INTEGRITY
  2. ENROLL only those prospective students who
    • Meet the admissions requirements published in the School Catalog
    • Sign the campus contract and other enrollment documents
  3. USE only Campus-approved
    • Contracts and other enrollment documents
    • Advertising and promotional materials
    • Completion, licensure and placement rate disclosures
  4. PROVIDE students with the school Catalog, including all current supplements, and a copy of their Contract and other enrollment documents before the Contract is signed.
  5. KEEP student information confidential and comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) as defined in the school Catalog
  6. Follow the guidelines in the Campus Admissions Manual.
  7. Admissions Representatives must DISCLOSE all information to the Business Office.
  8. ENSURE that the information we provide is accurate, unbiased, and does not reflect any preference arising from actual or potential gain.
  9. REFRAIN from taking any action we believe is contrary to law, regulation or the best interest of the students we are serving.


  1. RECEIVE a commission, bonus or other incentive payment based on the number of students who set an appointment to visit a school, visit a school for an admissions appointment, enroll in a school or start school.
  2. COMPLETE or sign any document on behalf of a prospective or enrolled student, or the parent or guardian of a prospective or enrolled student
  3. MAKE statements that contradict information in the school catalog, contract or other enrollment documents.
  4. PROVIDE inaccurate information, such as information about
    • the campus programs, facilities, student services and jobs
    • the campus completion, licensure and placement rates
    • transfer of hours or credits to or from other schools, colleges or universities
    • credentials or licensing a student may obtain
    • potential income levels upon graduation
  5. DISCUSS or enroll prospective students in a program that is not approved in writing by the campus regulators and accreditors
  6. FACILITATE entrance testing for a prospective student, such as
    • deviate from the campus written testing policy
    • helping a prospective student prepare for the exam
  7. PAY the enrollment/application fees of a prospective or enrolled student, or LOAN or give money to a prospective, enrolled and/or graduate student
  8. DISCUSS completion, licensure and placement rates without providing a prospective or enrolled student with campus-approved disclosures
  9. DISCREDIT or make negative statements about another school
  10. PROVIDE an incentive payment for referrals, or organize a referral program.


  1. Advise a prospective or enrolled student on their eligibility for financial aid or financial aid awards, including but not limited to
    • dependency status
    • income levels
    • financial aid award amounts
    • professional judgment qualifications
    • Income Tax Return information
  2. Advise a prospective or enrolled student or a parent/guardian
    • the use of financial aid funds to pay living expenses
    • student loan interest rates, repayment options, deferment or forbearance
    • student loan default matters
    • educational expense process or disbursement information
    • loan or grant application processes


  1. ASK for a prospective or enrolled student’s FAFSA PIN.
  2. AID a prospective or enrolled student, parent/guardian or other cosigner in
    • completing the lender’s Master Promissory Note
    • applying for the FAFSA PIN
  3. RECOMMEND an adjustment to the FAFSA to qualify a prospective student for more funds
  4. REFER prospective or enrolled student, parent/guardian to a specific lender for personal compensation or gain.


  1. Frequently re-read the School Catalog and this Code of Conduct to ensure that they are familiar with all requirements and/or contents
  2. Immediately contact the Campus Director if they have questions about the School Catalog or Code of Conduct
  3. Immediately notify the Campus Director if I believe any employee is violating the Code of Conduct
  4. Immediately notify Human Resources if any supervisor or other co-worker directs or instructs them to act in any manner not consistent with this Code of Conduct.

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It has honestly been Great being a part of Xenon Academy. I transferred from another cosmetology school half way through my program because I found that Xenon was more about teaching ethics and professionalism not just as a school but as a business. I have learned so much more than I ever imagined being here from all of the educators and having multiple programs to consider. I want to thank all the educators for teaching and coaching me with all of their professional knowledge in this industry. I will be very successful now that I am a Xenon Graduate. I highly recommend Xenon Academy in Grand Island Nebraska and Omaha.

Rosa M.