Caresse’s Favorite Class

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Susan Peel

Caresse  is a Junior at Xenon Academy in Denver. Caresse’s favorite class is Junior Women’s haircutting. “All of our classes are amazing, but haircutting is so important in our industry. All of our instructors go into real depth about the benefits of each hair cut we do. They also teach us how to factor in a person’s hair color, texture, and density and how that effects the end result. I feel so confident and strong in my abilities because of the staff at Xenon.” Said Caresse.

Junior cutting is a favorite among many of our students. As Juniors they have a strong grasp on the basics of haircutting and love the challenges of learning more advanced techniques. We are fortunate to have a school with a large client base that allows the students to work on clients rather than mannequins.

Gretchen-Denver Campus

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