Fun Contests for Students at Xenon Academy

Posted on June 2, 2014 by Lori Wischmann

What a great way for the educators to teach different skills and for the students to win prizes while learning the skills. The skills we are teaching with our fun contests are: offering retail to the client, pre-booking the client for their next appointment and offering add-ons while the client is in your chair.  All are very important skills that every stylist needs to know and will help them make money!

The prizes are different for each contest and range from tools or equipment the students want (but don’t necessarily come in their kit), a Saturday Card to get a Saturday off, to tickets to a concert or a Husker football game.

Some of the fun contests we have had are; in the winter we build a snowman ~ every team gets a piece of the snowman when the team reaches their goal. The first team to have their snowman built is the team that wins the prize!

The students will be playing bingo in June ~ they as a team will have a goal to reach for the prize, but individually, the can get a BLACK OUT on their Bingo card and win another prize.

On June 6th we will be having Kenra professionals in for our Demo Day. On this day the studens will get a ticket for every Kenra product they sell. At the end of the day 1 ticket will be drawn for a basket full of Kenra products!

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