Our Team

Omaha, NE


Linda Pochop, Director of Education

Linda has been in the beauty industry since 1987 and has had the honor of being a Redken Regional Guest Artist and an American Board certified colorist before she took her current position as the Director of Education at Xenon Academy. She found that when she would teach advanced classes in salons the stylists weren’t ready for advanced coloring. That is when she decided to become and educator to help make a change in the industry to have more educated students graduating from Cosmetology school.

For new beauty professionals Linda suggests to look at every client that you complete and ask yourself what you can do better next time. Always have “next time” in mind for your clients.


Carol Dawson, Director of Client Services

Carol has been in the beauty industry since 1983, has been licensed in eight different states, has been a stylist, a salon owner, an educator and her current position as the Director of Client Services. She loves teaching what she is passionate about and loves to see the light bulb turn on for someone!

Carol’s advice is to always love what you do and it will never seem like a “job”.


Kristin Cicha, Admissions Advisor

Kristin has been in the beauty industry since 2005 and has been a stylist in Fargo, ND and now in her current career with Xenon Academy as the Admissions Advisor. When she took the position as Admissions Advisor the school not only exceeded her expectations, but so did the staff & students. She realized very quickly that she was helping change lives and says there is no better feeling than to see a student become a successful beauty professional.


Jamey Mease, Educator

Jamey has been in the beauty industry since 2001 and has been a stylist, a salon manager and an educator. She loves sharing the industry and inspiring others to do well. She says to never stop learning and never say that you can’t do something. Never stop learning.


Hannah Mueller, Educator

Hannah has been in the beauty industry since 2013 with salon experience & is Brazilian Blow Out certified. She believes that the most rewarding moment for her is when someone gains understanding of the industry. She advises to always stay motivated in your education and to be the best stylist you can be.


Nicole Warren, Educator

Nicole has been in the beauty industry since 2013 and has been a stylist and an educator. She loves being able to share her knowledge & passion and believes your future is created by what you do!


Dina Tippery, Educator

Dina has been in the beauty industry since 1986 and holds a Cosmetology license in Nebraska, Nevada & Arizona. She has extensive experience as a stylist, a salon manager and an educator for Rusk. She says that her students are her hair legacies to the world and your clients are your billboards to showcase your work.


Tiffany Small, Educator

Tiffany has been in the beauty industry since 1992 and holds both a Cosmetology and Cosmetology Instructor license. She’s worked in a salon, is ITEC certified, American Crew certified and has worked on the Jatai tech stage. She believes in doing what you love while being kind to people.

Grand Island, NE


Ashley Sheckler, Campus Director

Ashley has been in the beauty industry since 2000 and has experience owning her own salon, as an educator and in her current position as the Campus Director of Xenon Academy. She wants to inspire future professionals to be creative and help them become successful. Ashley believes that when a student becomes successful doing what they love to do, it puts a huge smile on everyone’s heart and face.

Ashley believes that anything is possible when you set your mind to it!


Jaime Ditsworth, Educator

Jaime has been in the beauty industry since 2009 and her work experience includes being a stylist in a salon and owning her own salon. She is currently Xenon Academy’s Financial Aid Advisor. Having accounting experience and salon experience has given Jaime the opportunity to incorporate both of her talents at the same time. She loves being around the students and makes her love for doing hair grow every day.

Jaime says that hard work does pay off. You have to be willing to put in the hours, but when your clients love what you have done to their hair, and they tell their friends that you’re the best hairstylist, it makes everything worth it.


Josh Randall, Admissions Advisor

Josh comes to Xenon Academy with past experience in retail management, being a site manager for a homeless shelter and a Disaster Specialist for the American Red Cross. He always wanted to be a high school teacher and his current position as the Admissions Advisor gives him the chance to get into an educational setting. Josh says that there are so many opportunities to be successful in the beauty industry, you just have to choose the path that’s best for you!