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Xenon Academy’s Esthetics Program can give you the skills you need to become a talented skin care specialist and help people become their most beautiful selves.

Course of Study

We want our students to be successful after completing their esthetics program at Xenon Academy, and this is why we strive to give the best education possible. Our esthetics program can provide an in-depth understanding of different disciplines and techniques to help students be flexible in their careers. In addition to mastering many kinds of spa facials, esthetics students learn waxing practices, body treatments, dermaplaning and make-up skills.

The esthetics program at Xenon Academy also provides education in physiology and basic chemistry. This can help students gain a complete understanding of how treatments, technology, daily care, and proper protection can work together to preserve the skin and restore it to create a long-lasting, healthier look.

The esthetics training at Xenon Academy begins with laying a foundation of understanding and then advanced procedures are introduced. Students spend their first four weeks in a classroom setting learning the core skills needed to become a professional esthetician. Next, in addition to advanced treatment classes, our students practice esthetics treatments on real clients in the student spa. Here are some of the topics that we cover during the esthetics program:

  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Preventive & Corrective Procedures
  • The Art of Cosmetics
  • Spa Body Treatments
  • Spa and Social Media Marketing
  • Client Communication
  • Income Strategies

Esthetics students at Xenon Academy also have the opportunity to learn services like makeup, lash lifts, and dermaplaning. Any of these services can be performed in a spa, or you can open your own business to provide these services for yourself! All of these topics and many more are designed to help our graduates become talented and successful professional estheticians!

The Business Side of Beauty

Most estheticians have the opportunity to manage their own book of business and grow their client base. This can be intimidating for people who have never worked to maintain client relationships to grow business before. This is why we have implemented a strong business curriculum to teach our students how to grow their business and be savvy entrepreneurs in addition to being talented estheticians!

Pivot Point® Legacy Partner

Xenon Academy is a proud Pivot Point® Legacy Partner School, which means that we have been partnered for many years to provide our students with a curriculum provided by Pivot Point International. This educational curriculum is used by many beauty schools around the country, and for good reason. We’ve been partnered with Pivot Point International for all of these years because we believe in the quality of information they provide and the teaching methods utilized that give our students the tools to become successful. The curriculum is all available online, which makes it easy and convenient for student to access the information they need when they need it.

Salon Fundamentals® is a part of the curriculum that includes student-friendly strategies combined with groundbreaking learning tools. This is designed to help students direct their thinking, improve memory, retain what they learn, and manage information. This helps our students to build confidence in themselves as they develop their expertise in esthetics.

The Role of Outstanding Educators

The Pivot Point® education would be nothing without passionate educators to drive the principles home. Educators help students bridge what they learn in the classroom and what they do in the spa. Esthetics is an intensively hands-on career field, so our educators help students translate what they learn in their minds to what they do with their hands. Educators working with the Pivot Point® curriculum can help our students gain the academic and practical experience they need to become successful licensed estheticians!

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