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Do you have a passion for skincare? Want to make people feel relaxed and beautiful? An education in esthetics could be a great path for you! Our esthetics program can teach you all you need to know about skincare and helping people feel good about themselves. But that’s not all.

At Xenon Academy, we know there’s more to being a successful esthetician than relaxing spa treatments. It’s also about building a relationship with clients and managing a business. Our curriculum has a strong focus on guest service training, social media marketing, and business management.

For over 30 years, Xenon Academy has trained future estheticians with the skills, techniques, and confidence they need to succeed. We do this by creating a welcoming space for everyone. We know this is a competitive industry, so we want all of our students to learn how to thrive as beauty professionals. We’ve earned our reputation in the beauty industry. We want to help you do the same.

Why Xenon Academy?

We are passionate about helping beauty enthusiasts like you begin their journeys! We strive to be more than just another beauty school. We’ve created a beautiful community. That means more than just make-up and esthetics. This community is beautiful because it’s supportive, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Those are beauty standards that never go out of style and they are the core of Xenon Academy.

Here are a few reasons we stand out:

Our Students Have Access To Industry Experts

Our educators are more than just lecturers in a classroom. They’ve had years of experience in the industry working with clients. Before they were in the industry, they were students like you. They’ve been in your shoes and want to help you succeed. Let these knowledgeable professionals be your beauty industry guides!

We use Pivot Point® Curriculum Tools

We are proud to be a Pivot Point® Legacy Partner School. With access to their curriculum and course materials, we are better able to provide students like you with opportunities to develop beauty industry skills. For over 50 years, Pivot Point® has been the industry standard in beauty education and trained successful beauty professionals from all over the globe.

We Care About Our People

It’s hard to learn in an unsafe environment. At Xenon Academy, we work hard to create a safe space for all. We focus on transparency and professionalism. We do not tolerate bullying, spreading misinformation, or financial dishonesty of any kind. To learn more about our standards and policies, view our Code of Ethics here.

Program Details

At Xenon Academy, your education will be more than just sitting in a classroom. Our esthetics program is a combination of classroom education and hands-on experience. Once you’ve learned the skills in the classroom, you can get your feet in our student salon.

We know being a successful esthetician is more than just pedicures. As a student, you will receive a comprehensive education. You will learn about beauty techniques, business management, client relations, laws and regulations, and so much more!

Our 600-hour program can be finished in less than a year. Classes are held Tuesday-Friday from 8:45 am to 4:30 pm. The esthetics program is offered at both our Grand Island and Omaha campuses.

Curriculum Overview

This information can be found in our course catalog.

  • Skin and Skin Analysis

Healthy skin is important. As an esthetics student, you will need to be able to analyze a person’s skin and use that information to decide what to do next. This course teaches about the different layers of skin and how to analyze their qualities.

  • Skin Disorders

Healthy skin is great, but not everyone has healthy skin. This course teaches you how to recognize skin conditions and their severity. You can learn how to determine if the condition is by an esthetician or if the client needs to be referred to a physician.

  • Facials and Facial Massage

Facials are an iconic part of the spa experience. Proper technique is important. This course teaches you those techniques. It also teaches you about different types of facials. You will learn these skills through demonstrations and practice.

  • Body Treatments

Facials aren’t the only trick up an esthetician’s sleeve. Some techniques and products help rejuvenate other parts of the body*. You will learn these techniques to help you become a better esthetician.

*This program does not teach massage therapy.

  • Hair Removal

Lasers, tweezing, and waxing? Oh my! In this course, students learn how to remove hair from all areas of the face and body. Depending on the type of hair removal, you can perform these services on the clinic floor. Threading, laser, and electrology techniques are discussed in class but not performed on the clinic floor.

  • Makeup and Spray Tanning

A beautiful face of make-up can be a major confidence boost! Not only will you learn the basics of makeup, but you will also learn how to use make-up for special effects and theatre productions. Spray tanning and airbrush make-up are also taught and practiced on the clinic floor.

  • Lash Training

Learn how to help your clients up their lash game. You will receive training in artificial and natural lash enhancements, including eyelash extensions and lash lifts!

  • Anatomy and Chemistry

Anyone who works with the body needs to know about the body! In this course, you learn how the chemicals in different products affect the human body. That way you can use the various products to benefit their future clients.

  • Business: Career Prep

Being a successful esthetician means knowing more than just facials. You should know how to prepare for your dream job. This course teaches you how to personalize a resume and prepare for interviews. This course includes salon recruiting visits, spa owner guest speakers, and social media marketing.

  • Professional Development

Entering the job market can be intimidating. One way to stand out as an esthetician is to have a strong sense of ethics. This course emphasizes what salon/spa owners will expect from employees. It also highlights important communication skills needed in a salon/spa.

  • Business

Building a good relationship with clients is important as an esthetician. This course deals with all aspects of client relations. You can learn about concepts such as pre-booking, adding new services, and selling retail products.

  • Rules, Regulations, State Law, Infection Control Practices

Estheticians need to know the state laws and policies of their craft. This course teaches you about the control practices and safety measures set by the state of Nebraska.

  • Certification

We want to make sure our students are learning from this program. Because of this, we test students regularly on the knowledge they’ve learned in previous weeks. This helps prove their abilities and help prepare them for graduation and licensure.

  • Salon Floor Classroom

After completing a minimum of 200 hours, you can practice the skills you’ve learned on guests. This is supervised by licensed instructors. This hands-on learning experience will help you develop your skills and techniques. You must complete all required practice skills to earn your hours for a diploma.

Financial Aid

We understand that enrolling in beauty school is an investment in yourself and sometimes that investment can feel overwhelming. That’s why we offer a variety of financial aid options to students who qualify.

We want to provide ways for our students to study what they love. If you want to learn more about our financial aid options, then contact us to find out how you can get started with the financial aid process.

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