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The desire to create is unique. Not everyone has it, but you do. This desire – to shape and breathe new life into what others take for granted – is what drives you. And it’s a desire we share at Xenon Academy.

At Xenon, you’ll be more than just part of a class. Through our Pivot Point Curriculum you’ll acquire the hands-on skills necessary to become a true professional and the knowledge you need to begin a rewarding career. Pursue your passions and prepare for your future by enrolling at Xenon today.


Xenon Academy has been serving the professional beauty industry for more than 25 years. With more than 7,000 graduates from our 4 campuses, Xenon’s experienced and licensed educators provide you with one of the most outstanding educational experiences available. And through partnerships with some of the top beauty companies in the world, Xenon offers you access to current professional products and techniques, across a variety of exciting and creative programs. The end result is an experience like no other - an experience that can be found at Xenon Academy!