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April 18, 2018

Barber Battle Riot! Explore the World of Competition, Trophies, and Hair.

How much do you know about barber battles?

These competitions have been around for a while, but lately they have become even more mainstream thanks to shows like Cedric’s Barber Battle. These competitions aren’t just for television, however, they have graced the stages of beauty events and local schools.

Featuring some of the biggest competitors, and the most amazing looks, Barber Battles have not only begun to turn skilled barbers into superstars, they have also produced some amazing trends.

Those fades, undercuts, and shaved designs that have been cuttin’ up your social may have begun their journey in the battle of the barbers.

Look inside these bouts for the buzzcut, and check out some off the chart looks these battles create.

Battle It Out!

It’s time to battle!

At their base, Barber Battles run on a bracket with two or three cutters going head to head as they show their work. One by one they are eliminated until only one stands as king or queen.

Regality Reigns

Barbering competitions, and even barbering in general, is not just for the men of the world. Some of the best barbers are women, and some of the most amazing barbering styles are done of the long locks of both men and women.

How will you show your skill?

Show Your Skills

Barber Battles are broken out into many different categories, and depending on the battle you could see more of less of the skills and styles you are interested in.

Traditionally, each category focuses on one specific look. This means you can hone your skill in one area if you so desire. Of course, some of the most successful barber battle champions set fire in many different categories.

If you are planning on setting your skill, you could feature your fire in Fastest Fade, Low Fades, Beard Work, Graffiti Art, and more.

Taking It Home

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to battle is the gold.

That gold comes in all shapes and sizes in these battles, and it can range from cash to trophies to belts. No matter what the prize, it’s the accolades that matters. There’s nothing better than winning a battle or competition and being able to pimp your prize on social.

Joining the Craze

Have you ever wanted to show your skill by entering in a barber battle or similar competition? It might just be what you need to get your name on the map.

Entering one of these competitions is easy, and often involves an entry fee or form.

Once you find the perfect battle for you, check out the rules and regulations to make sure you qualify, and then get to perfecting your skill before the battle.

Are you ready to cut your crown?

At Xenon Academy we have been helping our students master the barbering skills that could take them from chair to champion for nearly a decade.

No matter your goals in career or competition, we can help you get there.

Are you ready to grab your future by the shears? Contact us and let us show you how our barber course can get you where you want to be.

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