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February 16, 2024

Capitalize on Skin Care Trends with a Career in Esthetics

The skincare industry continues to take the beauty industry by storm with a 42% market share in 2024. People value healthy skin and are buying more products and services for their skin than in the past.  

And it’s more than just a beauty trend. There has been a fundamental shift in beauty preferences. With the lines between makeup and skincare blurring, we’ve all experienced a shift in the approach to beauty regimes. The importance of skincare is here to stay.  

This presents a unique opportunity for aspiring beauty professionals. By enrolling in Xenon Academy’s Esthetics program, you’ll get the training you need to make your mark as a skincare expert. 

The Skincare Revolution

TikTok’s popularity has increased the visibility of skincare routines, products, and self-care trends. Paired with increases in the cost of living, consumers are looking for beauty products and services that work harder for them. Products and services that combine the power of beauty and skincare are winning. A career as an esthetician – which combines the power of skincare and makeup – is a smart career move. 

Advanced Esthetician Techniques

Xenon Academy students can provide various skincare services to clients. Students learn advanced techniques like skin analysis and skin care, skin and body treatments, facials, hair removal, makeup application and spray tanning, lash treatments, and more. 

As a student, you’ll learn about the chemistry of skincare, skin types, and makeup at Xenon Academy. This will help you educate your future clients and back your services and recommendations with science. When applying your learnings from Xenon Academy’s Esthetician program, you can give your clients more beautiful, glowing skin. Providing excellent service will help keep your clients loyal to you.  

Holistic Approach to Beauty

Anyone who’s experienced the transformative power of beauty and self-care understands that it’s about making you feel good on the inside. That’s why esthetics, skincare, and makeup are more than what meets the eye.  

Mastering this field at Xenon Academy is your opportunity to help those in your community build confidence. As an esthetician, you get to teach your clients about self-care routines and healthy lifestyle choices for more glowing skin. It’s your chance to make a big impact on the lives of your clients and make a fulfilling living for yourself. 

 Opportunity at Xenon Academy

As an esthetician student at Xenon Academy, you get access to tenured beauty professionals, both in the classroom and at the Xenon Academy Spa. You won’t be in it alone – you’ll have hands-on guidance throughout your journey. The esthetics program focuses on preparing you for certification, so you can start helping clients right after graduation. 

The Business of Beauty

At Xenon Academy, you’ll develop business acumen to build a successful career and own a business if you wish. If working in a salon or spa is your goal, we’ll help you personalize your resume and prepare you for interviews. Either way, you’ll learn how to market yourself so you can grow in the beauty field. You’ll learn how to converse with clients and provide a top-notch experience to them, as well as beauty ethics and all the regulations you need to practice safely. 

If you’re passionate about making people feel more confident and vibrant and want to make a fantastic life and career for yourself as an esthetician, enroll at Xenon Academy today!  

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