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July 28, 2023

Launch Your Barbering Career: Why Xenon Academy’s Barbering Program Is the Right Choice

Barbershops have been around for centuries, but with the industry’s current boom, it’s an excellent time to consider starting a barbering career.

Barbering has evolved from the traditional razor and comb technique to become more modern. Today barbering includes various hair styling techniques, which require a unique skill set. With the demand for barbers on the rise, you need to choose the right program to best prepare you for a successful career.

If you’re considering barbering as your profession, Xenon Academy’s barbering program is perfect for you. Here’s why.

What Students Get in Xenon Academy’s Barbering Program

Becoming a barber takes more than just a few snips of the scissors or a quick shave with a razor. Xenon Academy’s barber program provides a comprehensive education that covers all aspects of the barbering profession. The program teaches old and new styles of barbering, from scalp care and hair cutting to hair coloring and facial hair design.

Additionally, students learn the business side of the profession, such as marketing, bookkeeping, and professional communication skills. Xenon Academy’s barber program offers a holistic education that balances both technical and business skills, making it the perfect program for aspiring barbers.

What Xenon Academy’s Barbering Program Looks Like

Our barbering program utilizes the Pivot Point® Fundamentals Learn About Barbering (LAB) curriculum, which gives students access to online learning materials, technique videos and quizzes. The curriculum prepares students to sit for their licensure exams and jump-start their careers. And with 24/7 access to learning materials, students can learn at their own pace and have access to all the resources they need to excel.

Beyond an online learning platform, Xenon Academy’s barbering program gives students hands-on experience through practical training in the student barbershop, where they provide real services to real clients under the guidance of experienced instructors.

This experience allows students to hone their technical skills while interacting with industry leaders, guest artists and shop tours. This practical experience lets students build confidence and develop crucial skills that prepare them for a successful career.

Xenon Academy’s barber program is currently only offered at the Omaha campus, with an 1,800-hour course that meets Nebraska’s barber licensing requirements. Graduates are prepared to become licensed barbers, and financial aid is available to eligible students, making the program accessible to all aspiring barbers.

The Benefits of a Barbering Career

Barbering is a great career path for those creative-minded people who find fulfillment in helping others look their best. The art of cutting, trimming and styling hair can provide a sense of fulfillment and creativity that many other jobs lack, while still giving great business development opportunities.

A barbering career can also provide an opportunity to build lasting relationships and become a trusted member of your community. The flexibility of the job also allows barbers to pursue their passion without sacrificing their personal life. Overall, choosing a career in barbering can be a very rewarding decision, delivering both professional and personal growth.

Potential careers include barbershop owner, independent barber, barbershop stylist, brand ambassador and barber instructor. Working in this industry gives you flexibility, technical skills, and business know-how. In this industry, standing out from your peers with the latest trends and techniques is important to ensure career success. Barbering school can give you the knowledge and skills you need to offer unique and valuable services to your clients.

Xenon Academy can help take your career to the next level by providing comprehensive instruction from experienced instructors, invaluable hands-on training, and access to networking opportunities that can jumpstart your career.

Are you ready to explore a career in barbering? Sign up for a free tour today!

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