Makeup Fail or Holy Grail?

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Susan Peel

Makeup is a wonderful, magical, all-knowing product. We all know that we worship makeup, it’s okay, you don’t have to deny it. Have you ever thought about how makeup came about and how it continues to evolve over time? When you think about it, makeup is really a weird concept.
“Hey, let’s take this black stuff and draw lines on our eyes and use this milky substance to rub all over our faces.” At least those aren’t the kinds of activities that we do in our spare time. But hey, to each their own. Makeup is always changing. We like to dramatize how we think different types of makeup and their applications came about.

Winged Eyeliner

We don’t know exactly where this trend stemmed from we have a theory that one day someone was applying their eyeliner, bumped their arm and caused the liner to go a little wonky, and behold, the infamous winged liner. However, eyeliner has a history that goes back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians lined their eyes with kohl for protection from the sun and the evil eye, as well as for aesthetic reasons, according to Wikipedia.

Eyeliner Graphic
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Overlined Lips

Have you ever been applying lipstick and accidentally colored outside the lines? No need to worry anymore, it’s trending. Embrace it! Turn your accident into the look all girls are trying to get. Use a lip pencil to overline the smudge you created and BAM Kylie Jenner-inspired lips.
Lip liner reality
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Spider Lashes

Everyone use to despise the short, clumpy madness created by mascara while the beauty industry was fawning over long and flowing lash extensions. Warning: game changer – spider lashes are IN. Whip out your extra thick mascara and coat your lashes 15+ times to be perfectly on trend this Fall.
Spider lashes
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Shiny Skin

This trend was definitely the result of our oily-skinned friends out there getting tired of powdering their noses hourly. If you can’t beat it you might as well embrace it, right? Talk, techniques, and the do’s and don’t’s of highlighting have taken over the beauty scene. Nope, that’s not a pressed powder highlight, that’s my skin’s natural shine!
Shiny skin

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Do you have some makeup trends that are making you question whether they are a win or a fail? Share with us in the comments and we’ll gladly be the judge!

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