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Category: Financial Aid

May 29, 2024

Can You Use the FAFSA for Cosmetology School?

Enrollment, Financial Aid, Scholarships

Most resources about financial aid (and the FAFSA) focus on how it works for college education, but did you know it also applies to vocational education like cosmetology school? Depending on your current financial situation, you may be an excellent candidate to fill out the FAFSA.  What is the FAFSA?   The Free Application for Federal…

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September 10, 2021

How to Transfer Beauty Schools

Blog, Enrollment, Financial Aid

When you started beauty school, you probably pictured yourself sticking with one school all the way to graduation day. But life gets in the way and situations can change. Maybe you recently moved, or the school you enrolled in is closing, making it necessary to transfer. Most commonly though, our transfer students feel that their…

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July 23, 2014

What You Need to Know About as a Student Loan Recipient

Blog, Enrollment, Financial Aid, Xenon, Xenon Grand Island, Xenon Omaha

Working in beauty has been your dreams for years, don’t let anything get in your way of turning those dreams into a reality! If one of the barriers that you feel is getting in the way of your dreams is financial, do not worry! At Xenon Academy, we are proud to offer financial aid to…

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