Premier Orland: Orlando, FL Hair Show 2014

Posted on May 16, 2014 by Lori Wischmann

Students from our schools came together May 31, 2014 to attend one of the largest hair shows in the United States. We were so excited to extend this opportunity to our students, and we are looking forward to what other adventures we can go on in the future.

Which Hair Show Did You Attend?

The show we attended is called Premier Orlando. Our students had the chance to rub elbows with the ‘celebrities’ of our industry. This not only gives our students exposure to influencers, but they also had the opportunity to learn from others and create a network of connections.

Hair shows are some of the most exciting events held in our industry, and we are proud to offer the chance to our students.

Who Attended?

-Ted Gibson (from TLC’s What not to Wear)

-Nick Arrojo (from TLC’s What Not to Wear)




And that is to just name a few!

How Do I Become a Student?

Does the thought of the beauty industry and hair shows excite you? Are you looking for a career in hair, makeup, and beauty? Check out our Cosmetology program! If you want to learn more about enrollment, contact your nearest Xenon Academy campus.

GRAND ISLAND: (308) 210-4078
OMAHA:(402) 718-9853

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