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October 13, 2016

Pompa-do, Pompa-don’t

One of this year’s hottest men’s hair trends has been the pompadour. A pompadour is a style that consists of short sides and a longer, poofed top (think Elvis). They can be styled in all different ways, making them perfect for almost any man (or woman!) with any face shape. Unfortunately, like any other trend, some people just ruin it. Here are some pompa-dos to adhere to so you don’t end up with a pompa-don’t.

Get the Right Cut!

In order to get the right style, you have to start with the right cut. The right cut depends on the way you want you hair to look in the end. These are a few types of pompadour cuts you can have:

Classic Pompadour

A classic pompadour cut is not as voluminous as other pomp styles. The sides are usually not close to the scalp, and the top is not much longer than the sides. The Pomp has a good example of a traditional pompadour.

The Extreme Pompadour

These are the more trendier of the pomp styles this year. An extreme pompadour may look messy, highly volumized, or full of hard angles. These are very fun and edgy. They may also have a hard part on one or both sides. Many men also rock an undercut with these.

Get the Right Stylist

Not all stylists can do a great pompadour cut. A good stylist can help you choose the right cut for your face, help you style your hair properly, and help you choose the right products to use. Come into our student salon to see if you can find the right stylist for you!

Do Your Hair

While the pompadour style is almost effortless, you still have to put in a little time to make it really work. After getting your hair slightly damp, take a blow dryer to the top of your ‘do with some product. Follow these blow dryer tips from Robin James.

Do you have any pompadour tips? Share with us in the comments below! Who rocks your favorite pompadour? Make sure to leave us a comment with your pick.

If you’re interested in learning how to cut and style your own pompadour, check out our cosmetology page for more information on how to get started.

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