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October 28, 2021

Look & Feel Your Best This Holiday Season

This winter holiday season might be the first time in a long time many of us socialize in person with family and friends. After being inside for so long, many have taken the opportunity to use this holiday season as the perfect time to transform their style and surprise family and friends with a whole new look! Are you thinking about going extreme, or simply trying out new nail art?

Either way, check out our guide to trending looks for the holiday season that can wow your friends and family and keep you feeling confident. If you want to learn how to master trending winter styles, as well as timeless ones that work for all seasons, consider taking the path of a cosmetologist by enrolling in the cosmetology program at Xenon Academy in Grand Island and Omaha, Nebraska.

The Bob is Back (It Never Left!)

The bob is a timeless hairstyle that somehow manages to never go out of fashion. The bob is renowned for being the go-to look of a woman who wants to reinvent herself or shake things up in a dramatic way. If you’re looking to let go of a hard year, letting go of a couple of inches might help you to do that.

The beauty of the bob is that although it’s a classic look, there’s plenty of ways to make it unique and reflect your style. Maybe you can go for a straight and blunt or wavy and layered look, and you can mix it up with thick bangs or a zig-zag side part to add some personality.

Go Blonde for Winter

Icy, cool, platinum—lighter shades of blonde are popular during the holiday season and go well with that snowy, winter feel. Add highlights to create depth and personality. Blonde beach waves are perfect for family photos for your Christmas card. Hair coloring can be complicated—and it’s certainly recommended that clients visit a professional cosmetologist at a salon to achieve an even color without damaging their hair. Learn how to achieve perfect color in our cosmetology program.

Protect Your Hair with Box Braids

If you’ve got coiled natural hair, chances are, keeping things moisturized is even harder in the winter. Because humidity gets low, naturally curly hair dries out quickly and becomes more susceptible to damage and breakage in the winter months.

Protective styles like box braids allow you to remain stylish while keeping your natural hair locked away where it retains moisture and is subjected to less frequent manipulation. Box braids are the perfect way to double up and achieve both style and protection at the same time. There are countless ways to style box braids.

Pull-Through Braids

It’s time for the office holiday party. You want to keep your hair out of your face—you’re a ponytail girl—but you want to keep things classy. You might consider jazzing up your office party outfit with pull-through braids. The beauty of pull-through braids is that they exude elegance while remaining fun and casual.

They’re a functional style that lets you have fun without having to worry about your hair in your face, but they’re a beauty to look at and class up any look. Whether it’s the office holiday party or Thanksgiving with the family, you can count on this style to complete your look.

Winter-Themed Nail Art

Last winter, fewer women than normal sported fancy nail art because nail salons across the country were closed or provided limited services. This year, nail art is coming back full force as a winter treat that will get you in the holiday spirit every time you glance down at your hands. Classic holiday nail colors include dark green, red, and white, but there are other ways to have unique, holiday-inspired nails.

Go for shimmers, glitter, sparkles, and holographic shine for colors that still reflect the holiday mood but are lighter and more fun than the classic darker shades. It’s important to keep in mind, too, that beautiful nail designs begin with healthy nails. Our cosmetology program is designed with courses that train our students on how nail care and nail enhancement techniques, as well as the foundations of manicure and pedicures.

Metallic Smokey Eyes

This year, smokey eyes are going to feature at holiday parties across the country. Because face coverings are still a feature of everyday life, especially public gatherings, dramatic eye makeup will continue to take center stage. Deep metallic and shimmery colors, paired with dramatic winged eyeliner, will make your face stand out despite being mostly covered.

If you’ll be masked up all night, skip the excessive makeup on the rest of your face and focus on those eyes. At Xenon Academy, our students offer makeup services that can give you a bold, trendy look for your holiday event. Explore the range of services that we provide in Omaha and Grand Island, Nebraska, and surrounding areas. (All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.)

Start Your Journey into Cosmetology

If you love experimenting with new looks, consider pursuing a career in the beauty industry! The cosmetology program at Xenon Academy could be the perfect first step. This program is designed to provide training in hair care, coloring sculpture, and design; facials, massage, and hair removal; makeup; nail care, and other technical elements of cosmetology.

This course also provides a solid business base that can help you become a success, including skills in management and salesmanship, professional ethics, client services, and more. Reach out to us today to learn more about our cosmetology program and start your cosmetology journey.

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