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October 25, 2018

Alumni Feature: Kylie McGowan

We love our students! Here at Xenon Academy, we love that learning is near and dear to the hearts of all of our students and staff. Education is a personal journey, and it’s one that requires a support system. To strengthen our ties with our current and past students, we wanted to start highlighting people who we think have gone above and beyond the expectations for any esthetician or cosmetologist.

Our very first feature in an alumnas from a few years back who is making waves in her local beauty community. Please celebrate join us in celebrating Ms.Kylie McGowan!

Kylie’s Story

Kylie attended Xenon Academy’s Grand Island location for the first time in September of 2014. She was a cosmetology student and a passionate one at that. It was clear that she had big goals and dreams and that she was willing to work hard to achieve them. After putting in her time, putting her nose to the grind for several months, and graduating in December of 2015, Kylie went to work at The Personal Touch salon in York, Nebraska

Though she was happy with her experience, she felt that she could flourish further with additional education. She had a love for skin care. So she made the decision to attend Xenon Academy again! This time she enrolled in our esthetics program. After graduating in May of 2017 with an additional education in skin care, Kylie decided to return to The Personal Touch.

Xenon Academy, a Place of Learning

We asked Kylie why she chose to learn with Xenon Academy not once but twice!

“I moved to attend Xenon Academy. I picked it not only because of its location but because it just felt right. The education was great, and I’d heard a lot about them before I went. The education itself was amazing and the staff was wonderful. I wouldn’t have picked any other school!”

Kylie started her journey with Xenon Academy with one little supporter by her side: her two year old son. Our campus proximity was important to her. She wanted a place where she could go and better herself for her and her son’s futures, but she also wanted a place that she could stay near her loved ones.

We asked her to share her experience of coming in for a tour and the process of choosing a beauty school.

“There were people on the salon floor when I went in for a tour. You’re in school, but you’re doing everything you want to do after school. They were happy, smiling, talking to real clients. You get the feel of working before you even leave the school. You learn a lot after school, but you make the connections in school. After school you don’t have to go out there alone. I still ask my peers’ advice! The personal connections are great.”

Kylie in 2018

Kylie learned a lot in her years of working at The Personal Touch, but she knew that she needed something more. She had always been a risk-taker, and she wanted to do something crazy.

“I’m a risk-taker. I just never stop moving. I take whatever life throws at me. Because I am so passionate, I knew I could do more than just work for someone. It’s hard to be in a salon that’s already established and trying to innovate. Trying to grow within someone else’s brand is hard. It’s harder to bring in new services and stuff. Someone’s always uncomfortable.”

Kylie decided to open her own salon in York. Impulse Studio is now her love, passion, and driving force to continue to improve herself.

“I am always five steps ahead, and I don’t know why I do that! I’m always thinking of what I can do next. I am on Instagram like crazy. I am always looking at other people’s stuff. I am in such a small town, but you can’t limit yourself to that! You have to make it happen. You have to branch out.”


You can tell by Kylie’s drive, personality, and love of beauty that she was meant to do great things. If you find yourself saying the same things, dreaming the same dreams, and working as hard as Kylie, you might find a future in beauty!

“I get so excited for the future. That’s why I am always five steps ahead. I’m always motivated to try new things. As I was working under someone, I knew I had what it took to run a business. I strive every day to prove that to others.”

Kylie shared with us that it is now her dream to expand her salon over time. We think it was an admirable goal to launch her own salon so early in her career, and it’s even more impressive to want to go bigger and better!

Why Beauty?

There are so many reasons to pursue a future in beauty. Whether you love helping others or you’ve always had a comb in your hand, hair, skin, and makeup might be your perfect match. We asked Kylie to share her reasoning behind pursuing a future in the beauty industry.

“I went to beauty school right after highschool. When I decided I wanted to be in the industry, I knew I wanted a career that I loved and that’s always changing. As a stylist, we’re always changing. Being able to be creative with every client is a blessing.”

Many students love the flexibility and creativity that a career as a cosmetologist brings. Another common favorite is working with people.

“Making people happy is my favorite. Everyone has a story, and it’s inspiring to get to listen to them every day. You’re there for them.”

With every new face in the salon comes a new story. It’s something that we find interesting and intriguing about the industry, too! Our love of helping others is what makes Xenon Academy a great place to hone your skills and learn to love your future career!

You can catch Kylie in the local spotlight! Check out her feature on the York News Times.

Kylie’s Advice

We asked Kylie to share advice to students who want to open their own salons in the future.

“Be risky, but be smart. Think about your decisions. Have patience. Once you graduate from school it will be super exciting, but be prepared to learn a lot. Always learn more.”

She also wanted to add, “Stick through it even in the hard times. Even I had doubts in school. You sometimes get mad and frustrated, but just know that people are there for you. You improve from your mistakes.”

Be Like Kylie

If you want to add to your educational skill set, or start one, contact Xenon Academy today! We would love to be the school that helps you launch your dreams! To keep up with Kylie, check out her Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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